It’s like riding a bike

A few things about Sevici….

Okay so here’s the deal. Sevilla has a fantastic bike system that’s super convenient and really fun…but it also has its challenges.

This is for to anyone who plans on using the Sevici system in Sevilla, or anyone who wants to be thoroughly entertained.

  1. Before scanning your card at the station, it is crucial to pick out the best bike.

Things to look for include…

  • a seat that doesn’t sink a block after you sit on it,
  • preferably one with a chain attached,
  • and of course a bell that dings with an impressive echo.

I usually try the casual walk by gently press down on seat approach for scoping out a bike…you know, the “I don’t wanna look like a tourist even though I totally do” kind of walk. After several interesting adventures…I don’t think I would necessarily recommend this tactic. I’ve nick named several bikes in the city and so far, I’ve had the privilege of riding Señor Seatispermanentlytootall, Señorita Seatiswaytooshort, Janky, and Jingly.

  1. Another thing I have learned…Sevici bikes are not meant for off-roading. The ancient, extremely narrow cobblestone streets of Sevilla were clearly not designed for bikes. If you ride too fast on these roads, you will have a headache for the next three days. If you ride too slow, you will get run over by a car. These streets are most definitely not wide enough for a Sevici bike and a smart car.

Also, a note on off-roading…The park is a great place to explore…but to get to the fun island gazebos…you are required to climb several large steps. When you’re on a bike and you come across stairs, the logical thing is to simply hoist the bike up over the steps and continue, right? WRONG. These are no normal bikes. These things are heavy! But if you’d like to provide a show for your fellow onlookers…go ahead and hoist!

  1. If there’s a bike path…USE IT. Otherwise, a very direct and somewhat annoyed Spanish woman will explain to you VERY CLEARLY that there is a bike path made for bikes and you should most definitely be on it! (great way to make friends with the locals…)
  1. After the 17th time of attempting to shove your bike back in the rack and failing only in order to have the most obnoxious beeping sound continually tell you how incompetent you are, an extremely gracious sevillano WILL help you put your bike back in! Also, a very handy tactic for making friends 🙂
  1. Enjoy yourself. Laugh a lot. The city is beautiful. The bike system is awesome. And no matter what, it’s always an adventure.


sevici 2

PLEASE NOTE: My vivid descriptions of certain situations may or may not be directly from experience. Just wanted to help out those future Sevici-users out there. 

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