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Whether for a Semester, Summer Term, Service-Learning through Acción Solidaria, or High School Verano Sevillano, you will take on learning both in class and on excursions exclusively in Spanish with professors native to Spain. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to build connections with the U.S. college and university students who will be your classmates. See below for details on our program offerings.


  • Three to four-month study experience 
  • Course offerings for Intermediate and Advanced level students
    • Intermediate-level students study in a cohort model with one professor 
    • Advanced-level students take 3-4 classes in history, literature, art history, grammar, modern culture, or medical terminology with various professors
    • Option to take Intro to Sevillanas and Acción Solidaria (Service-Learning) courses for all levels
    • Beginning-level classes may be available by design for small groups. Please contact the Associate Director of Recruitment and Marketing.
  • 12-18 credits of university level Spanish courses 
  • Four faculty-led excursions to various cities throughout Andalucía and greater Spain 
  • Option to participate in an Internship after semester

Spring Semester

  • Cool to warm weather for the majority of the semester (ranging from low 40s to 70s with average of five days of rain per month)
  • Enjoy the sweet fragrance of the orange tree blossoms that bloom during late February and early March.
  • Weeklong vacations observed for Semana Santa and the Feria de Abril celebrations
  • Timeline often works well for students studying their sophomore or junior years, or who plan to graduate in the fall (to avoid conflict with spring graduation dates)

Fall Semester

  • Very hot to warm weather the majority of the semester (ranging from 100s to 60s with average of less than 3 days of rain per month)
  • Weeklong vacation observed mid-semester for the perfect opportunity to travel Spain and / or Europe with few tourists
  • Camino de Santiago excursion
  • Halloween party and Thanksgiving celebration abroad with the TCCSevilla family
  • Experience the holiday season festivities and festivals including Sevilla On Ice
  • Timeline often works well for students who are studying their sophomore, junior or senior years, or who plan to graduate in the spring (to avoid conflict with fall graduation dates)

Summer Term

  • One or two month study experience: Students may opt for either Term 1, Term 2, or both 
  • Course offerings for Intermediate and Advanced level students
  • Students take one or two intensive courses per term in either history, literature, grammar, art history, modern culture or medical terminology 
  • 4-12 credits of university level Spanish courses 
    • 4-6 credits earned for a single term
    • 8-12 credits earned for both terms
  • Three faculty-led visits within the city per term
  • One faculty-led excursion per term
  • Several three-day weekends allotted per term to allow time for students to travel
  • Option to participate in Acción Solidaria (Service-Learning)

Summer Term One

  • Warm to hot weather (ranging from 70s to 90s with average of less than two days of rain)
  • Spanish for Healthcare class offered for students interested in medical field
  • Corpus Christi holiday
  • Option to take Sevillanas Masterclass (one time two-hour class)

Summer Term Two

  • Hot to very hot weather (ranging from 80s to 100s with average of less than one day of rain)
  • Option to participate in Summer Term 2 Acción Solidaria (Service-Learning) for 80 hours of service at a Sevillian non-profit organization
  • Option to take Sevillanas Masterclass (one time two hour class)


Our service-learning class, or as we call it in Spain, Acción Solidaria, gives students the opportunity to serve individuals in need in Sevilla. We serve with PaxisImpacto SolidarioAhora, and Rugby Inclusión. Click here to learn more about each non-profit organization (NGO). 

Fall & Spring Semester

  • Students will receive an orientation on serving in Spain with our NGO partners. 
  • Students will choose their preferred placement and serve in volunteer positions on a weekly basis in the evening.
  • Students meet regularly with TCCSevilla staff to reflect on their service experience for further spiritual and intercultural development in a classroom setting as well as complete a final presentation.
  • Students can take this course for one or two credits, or they can opt to audit. 

*Dates and duration are subject to change depending on the academic year. See dates and deadlines for fall and spring semesters.

Summer Term 1 & 2

  • Summer Term 1 includes a combination of class time, discussions, readings, Bible study, reflections, research on the organizations, and guest speakers 
  • Summer Term 2 consists of 80 hours of on-site service learning with several local non-profit organizations.
  • Students will earn a total of four academic credits and gain 80 hours of on-site service experience for the Acción Solidaria class.
  • Students may take another two or four credit class during Summer Term 1. During Summer Term 2, a student may take 307B Modern Spanish Culture (2 credits).
  • Available to summer students and alumni.

*Dates and duration are subject to change depending on the academic year. See dates and deadlines for summer terms.

Verano Sevillano

A two-week immersive experience for high school groups.

Fees per student and additional chaperones (minimum of six students per school): $4,500

2025 Dates

Arrive in Sevilla on Monday, June 16th || Depart from Sevilla on Saturday, June 28th

For interest, connect with our Associate Director of Recruitment and Marketing.

  • One college credit from Trinity Christian College
  • Housing
  • Three meals per day
  • Courses materials
  • Group excursions to Granada and Cádiz
  • Linens
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cultural activities in Sevilla
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Health insurance
  • Fees covered for one chaperone for every six students from your school

Ordering Transcripts

ALL students (except Trinity Christian College students) have to order a copy of their transcripts. Transcripts will be digitally sent from Trinity Christian College to your college/university.

Please note: Your college/university cannot order or request a copy of your transcripts for you. The Semester in Spain program cannot order or request a copy of your transcripts for you. All transcripts have to be ordered via Parchment.

  1. Click: “Official Transcripts” and the link to Order online.
  2. Follow the prompts to create a Parchment account.
  3. From the Dashboard
    1. Click “Orders” (top right)
    2. Click “Create a New Order”
    3. At the top of the page: “Order my transcript, click green bar “Order”
    4. At the top of the page: Set Delivery Destination: Your order will be sent from Trinity Christian College (click search)
    5. When you locate Trinity Christian College (Palos Heights), make sure you click “Undergraduate” (if it gives you the option).
    6. Where should it be sent to? Enter the name of your college/university and search for it from the list.

(If your college is not listed)

*Click – I am sending to myself or another individual

*Click – I am sending this order to another individual <<< this will be your college/university, add School Name and the email address of registrar’s office at your school.

Please Note: If you send it to yourself, it will not be viewed as an official transcript by your school. They will only accept official copies.

You have to email it to your college/universities Registrar’s Office directly.

This next section can be a bit tricky so I have attached pictures of the pages to help you through the process.

Are you currently enrolled? NO

What was your first year of attendance?  2023

Your Student ID Number SKIP

Your last 4 SSN: Enter

Verify your name

Click “submit”

Your next screen (instructions below image)

Make sure you click – Electronic

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Purpose – Other

No attachments are needed

Add your signature.

On the next page, you will enter your credit card/debit card information to pay for the transcript.

Course Offerings

Each course carries 4 semester credits, unless otherwise indicated. It is each student’s responsibility to confirm with their home university that our courses and their associated credits are transferable. Please note: courses are available only during the listed semesters / terms and subject to change depending on enrollment.

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