Just like our alumni, you’re going to love Semester In Spain.

When you participate in our study abroad program, you’ll discover cathedrals and other historical landmarks that are centuries old. You’ll eat tapas and take mid-afternoon siestas. You’ll be amazed by citywide fútbol mania and weeklong Semana Santa celebrations. You’ll build meaningful relationships with your Spanish family members and your native professors. You’ll watch flamenco dancers and listen to Sevillanas musicians. You’ll take tours of art museums and bullrings. You’ll travel to other Spanish cities and, if you choose, other countries.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start with the basics. What does the city of Seville have to offer? Let’s find out!

Want more info? Check out our viewbook to see just some of the reasons you should study abroad with SIS!

Our Mission

  • Semester in Spain (SIS) is a program of Trinity Christian College that operates out of Seville, Spain. We serve as an off-campus study abroad institution opening our doors to students of diverse backgrounds from all walks of life. As an academic immersion program that offers an incorporation of the Christian faith, our frontline calling is to 1) equip students as intercultural scholars along the journey of their chosen fields of study, and 2) cultivate an experience where students, regardless of background or belief, can develop a deeper understanding of their truest self as inspired by Christ.
  • SIS is rooted in a pedagogy of academic excellence and holistic immersion, integrating a longstanding dedication to scholastic rigor with the captivating application of experiential learning. It is the goal of SIS to faciliate a depth of study in the Spanish language and culture through opportunities in grammar, literature, history, art, modern civilization and service learning. These opportunities create a unique development platform for personal and professional skills, fostering growth not only in linguistic and cultural experiences, but in aptitudes for life.
  • As an intercultural community SIS seeks to maintain a posture of cultural humility, commitment to accessibility, and inclusivity regardless of race, ethnicity, biological sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, age or ability. At the crossroads of diversity we aspire to be a community that is humble, hospitable and honoring of each other’s commonalities and differences. As a result of participation in this community, it is the intention of SIS that every member involved, whether student, faculty or staff, become more community-engaged and globally-oriented citizens of the world.