El Sabor de Sevilla

I Love Rosa

I woke up this morning….afternoon…in a hurry because Rosa wanted to go out for lunch! For anyone who knows me at all, you know this is my all time favorite activity. So I got dressed super fast and we went out.
We strolled until we got to the place Rosa had selected. She took us to her favorite tapas bar where her family always goes when they go out. We asked her what was good to eat, and she recommended her favorites.

We ate delicious food and then Rosa treated us again by ordering the specialty of the house for us. Little sandwiches with baby-sized eggs and ham! Allison and Rosa joked that I needed breakfast still, because I just woke up. Ha.

We offered to pay when we were done, and Rosa would not have that. At all. She almost yelled “PUT YOUR HANDS AWAY” when we reached for money. It is just so sweet that she wants to “treat” us because I feel like she treats us every day.

So then we went to have coffee! It’s common here to have coffee after lunch, but I didn’t expect another treat! We went to our favorite place, Las Palomas, and had wild berry cake and coffees. We ran into Seth and Elyse who were glad to meet our senora. I was so proud to show her off. 🙂

On our way home we stopped by the supermarket for groceries. I love that she took us with her because she usually doesn’t. But we got to pick out what foods we wanted, including the JUMBO size jar of off-brand Nutella. It’s way better than the real stuff, believe it or not. I also got some coffee to take home, to remind me of the coffee we have every morning here in Rosa’s house.

We walked home and unpacked groceries, and now here I am writing this!

I can’t really explain how happy Rosa makes me. I think it is the epitome of “blessed.” She is like an angel sent to take care of me and make me feel at home. I literally love her.



Allison told me that her mom prayed every day that when we got to Spain we would b blessed with a senora who is great. I know my Mama prayed too, and let me say that the power of prayer sure works. God blessed us all three so much. Rosa always tells us how she loves us like children and can’t bear to think of us leaving.

Holiday Party

Today Allison and I got a wee surprise. We went to a holiday party!!  Here’s the story:

Allison and I were just sitting on the couch watching TV when Rosa came in. She looks at us and says, “Are you ready for a snack?” And of course we just smile and say, “SURE!”

She leaves the room, comes back in, sees us still sitting, and says (loudly) “VENGA!!” which means something along the lines of, “come on hurry up!!”  We were so confused.
It ends up that Rosa wanted to take us to eat at her sister’s house! So we run into our room to change out of our pajamas and throw some makeup on. We literally run out the door in like 5 minutes and walk over to Rosa’s sister, Conchi’s, house.
We got to meet all the family and sit down and chat. We shared this delicious pound cake cream filled roll of golden goodness, coffee, tea, chocolates, and candies. Oh yum. So good!
We got to see the HUGE nativity scene that Conchi has set up. It’s miniature, but it’s three levels, complete with functioning built-in lighting. Wow.
We got to play with their dog that is so cute. It made me miss my puppy!!

Lastly, we took our group picture of the three of us. Rosa has pictures of all her students and her that she puts on her mantle. And today we took ours! I doubt I’ll get a copy, but it will be cool to know that all her future girls will get to see us.


So overall it was a surprisingly fun day!!

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