Top 5 Gelato Spots in Sevilla by Emma-Kate Moore (Fall 2023, Taylor University)

When it comes to exploring the vibrant city of Seville, you cannot miss out on the rich and delightful experience of savoring authentic Spanish gelato. In Spain, gelato, known as helado, holds a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. With a richer texture and more intense flavors compared to traditional ice cream, gelato boasts a creamy indulgence that is hard to resist. My friend Reagan and I embarked on a gelato-tasting expedition, trying to uncover the city’s best gelato spots. Each store we visited had its unique charm, and every scoop left us craving for more. So, without further ado, here are our top 5 gelato destinations in Sevilla:

  1. Cafetería Los Angeles

Starting off strong at number five, we have Cafetería Los Angeles. Cafetería Los Angeles is located near the Triana Bridge and offers a good selection of flavors at an affordable price of 2.50 euros for a small cup, making it a convenient stop for a quick treat. It’s not the ideal spot to sit around and stay awhile, but it’s perfect for a quick stop on your way to see the beautiful river!

  1. Gioelia

Nestled on one of the busiest streets in Sevilla, Gioelia stands out for its diverse flavors and prime location. Priced at 3.20 euros for a small cup, it offers a delightful treat for anyone strolling through the bustling heart of Sevilla. If you’re indecisive like me, plan to spend extra time there to decide!

  1. Helados Arte-Sanos

Our first ever gelato stop was Helados Arte-Sanos, located in the suburb of Triana. It offered an exceptional introduction to Sevilla’s gelato scene. It was more on the expensive side of the five stores listed here, being 3.50 euros for a small cup, but I chose the strawberry flavor, and it was worth every cent. It certainly set the bar high for the rest of our gelato journey.

  1. María Limones

Just a stone’s throw away from our school, María Limones boasts an array of tantalizing flavors that left a lasting impression. Like most gelato stores that we’ve mentioned on here, it does not have a space to sit down and eat your gelato, but it is located on a cute street with lots of stores and near the famous Las Setas. Its reasonable pricing along with great location and great tasting flavors, made it a standout among our gelato adventures, earning it a well-deserved second place in our ranking.

  1. Amorino

Coming in at number one, we have Amorino. Situated conveniently downtown, Amorino captured our hearts with its expansive range of flavors and the option to top your gelato with a luscious macaroon. The helpful staff guided us through their diverse selection, ensuring we made the perfect flavor pairings. Despite the slightly higher price, the experience was undoubtedly worth every cent, especially with the added touch of a delightful macaroon. I still have dreams about the gelato here. You must visit during your time in Sevilla.

Whether you’re taking a leisurely walk along the river or exploring the lively streets of Sevilla, I recommend doing so with gelato in your hands. These five gelato spots are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth and leave you with unforgettable, authentic memories of the city’s delightful gelato culture.

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