Greetings! My name is Averee Gumm and this week I have been pondering the many things I have learned on this journey, and I want to provide a bit of reflection on my time in Spain, as well as a small list of practical tips I hope will be helpful for anyone planning to embark

Life inside a Bob Ross Painting

Before studying abroad, the first things that came to mind when I thought about Spain were cobblestone streets, architecture, bullfighting, and churros. I have thoroughly enjoyed many afternoons spent wandering through the streets of Seville repeatedly getting lost and un-lost, or sitting by the river eating churros while watching the sunset. Although my adventures in

Extending the Family

One day at the beginning of the semester I was at Encuentro (a small program after school on Wednesdays where the students of my program get together to worship) when I noticed two people at the back of the room I didn’t recognize. I like meeting new people and making people feel welcomed, so I