These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

1. El Helado We all learned about helado in our freshman year Spanish courses.  Helado is ice cream, right? Wrong. Helado is so much more than that.  Helado is life. This isn’t your basic chocolate and vanilla. A few of my favorite flavors: Piñones (pine nuts), Chocolate Negro (the darkest chocolate you’ll find), Avellana (hazelnuts), […]

8 Cultural Adjustments I Wasn’t Expecting So Quickly

​Yesterday my host mom sat my roommate and I down and asked us if we realized we had been here for 2 weeks or not and then wanted to know what we thought about coming to Spain. A few pieces of our conversation and thoughts afterward…. 8 Cultural Adjustments I Wasn’t Expecting So Quickly. My […]

Tired Feet, Happy Heart

I know the title is a bit cheesy but it really captures the essence of my week.  (On a side note, please forgive my spelling because my spellcheck is stuck in Spanish- ¡uy!) Anyway, Sunday night my señora invited one of my roommates and I to go out for a “little walk”.  I should have […]

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