Second Week

This week we had our first Encuentro which is a night of worship organized by the students in my school. We have two teams in which I am a part of (as a singer). However, this week was not my team’s turn to lead. Encuentro helped me remember that God brought me here to Spain not just to study but that there is a greater purpose. It made me realize that I am far away from home and I make the decision to stay true to what I believe in, in a place where no one knows who I am or what I believe in. I take on the challenge.

On Friday, the school took us on an excursion to Cordoba which is a city with a historic Mosque. In Cordoba I have a friend who I met three years ago in La Industria camp back in 2011. I talked to her and decided to stay with her for the weekend. I also had my friend Kara from school stay with me. That night I went to the church’s youth group which was very fun. After the service, we took a long (very long!) walk to a shopping center where we bought McDonald’s. The next morning, we went to the country with my friend’s family where we had Paella, a typical Spanish dish. Later on at night we went to a Colombian restaurant where we had empanadas and stuffed potatoes. It was not Mexican food but it was very yummy and very close to it! Sunday morning we finally went to church and then soon took a train back to Sevilla.

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