When I was first looking at doing the Semester in Spain program I noticed the pictures of the girls in traditional flamenco dresses with their hair and makeup done and I instantly thought it looked like fun, but I didn’t know if I was going to do it. Once I arrived and we started to have our orientation I decided to go to the “intro day” to look into it . I knew that I had to pay to take the course, but at the same time it was something to do weekly, something to look forward to, and a way to be social.

After seeing the demonstration of the flamenco dancing I knew that I needed to take the class. I made a statement about being so excited for flamenco class because I always wanted to be a dancer and I still stand by that.  Growing up I did gymnastics for a few years and when I was younger I had no interest to be in dance. However, now looking back I wish I would have been able to learn contemporary dance or jazz dancing.

sp 12 2_0Now, I look forward to every Monday night for my hour and a half flamenco dance class. I know I was born to be a dancer. From the moment I enter the room and the music starts, I’m in my element. Watching myself in the mirror as I try to mimic my instructor, Sylvia, is a struggle, but I smile and laugh my way through the entire course. I LOVE THE CLASS! The instructor is so cute, kind, helpful, and fun! I enjoy putting on more “dancer-like” clothing to wear to class. My instructor is so patient with all of us, she is always smiling, and I’ve loved getting to know her more.

At first we were simply learning the steps. Once I had the basic “paso de sevillana” (basic step of the dance) I was feeling pretty good but then I realized that there are a total of 12 little “parts” that I was going to have to learn. It has been a challenge learning the steps, the movements of the arms, and the twists of the hands. It takes a lot of concentration to get it all in sync and still make it look beautiful. Every week I look forward to spending time with people in my program that I don’t normally have class with. It is fun to struggle and laugh through the course together.

We are now nearing the end of our course and I don’t want it to end! I don’t want to forget the dance! I cannot wait to dance at our “Fiesta de Flamenco” presentation in a few weeks and show everyone what we’ve been working on.  I wish that my college was big enough to have dance classes for fun credits because I would take one every semester. Taking the Flamenco class while in Spain has been a great way to learn more about the culture, get weekly exercise, and work on my comprehension in Spanish. If you decide to study abroad, which I hope you do, I strongly recommend that you get involved and take the flamenco course if you have any interest at all. It will not disappoint!

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