Checking off my Bucket List with SIS

I can finally say I’ve been to a beach after a 4-day trip to Lagos, Portugal! By the way, hello everyone! I’m Nay Mi Chele-Rhengboi and I’m studying public relations at Taylor University with a marketing minor. And yes, if you were wondering, my very first beach visit in my life was in Lagos, Portugal! Okay, now we can continue with why I’m doing SIS. I’m doing a Semester in Spain because I am fulfilling my language requirements; but, most importantly, I wanted to gain culture experiences and make my dream to travel abroad come true with SIS. Have I done almost all of the things I wanted by now? Absolutely! I have checked so many things off from my bucket list.

            This week marks the midpoint of my time here in Spain and I definitely can see my growth in so many areas. To tell you how much I’ve grown: I only knew a handful of phrases when I came to Spain but now, after eight weeks in Spain, I can carry on conversations and understand most of what my professor and my Señora (host mom) are saying to me. It’s fascinating how fast I’m learning Spanish and how practical it is.

            I very much appreciate this opportunity to learn Spanish and experience this beautiful culture. One Spanish custom that I really appreciate is “Siesta,” because I love taking naps. Being able to rest after lunch is an awesome way to rejuvenate yourself for the rest of the day. Another thing that I love about Spanish culture is the ability to take things slow and not feel rushed which is in tune with the Spaniards lifestyle. This new way of living has taught me to appreciate life more and live life with ease and in a less hurried manner.

That being said, the most important things on my bucket list were to learn, experience and grow. Everything else such as traveling was a bonus for me. I have traveled all over Spain and the neighboring country, Portugal. I’ve gained so many wonderful experiences and traveled to so many beautiful places filled with rich history and beauty. I am truly counting all the blessings that God has given me and I am excited to continue my journey here in Sevilla, Spain.

Last thing, if you are curious about what it’s like to study abroad here, you can watch all my weekly vlogs all the way from week one in my Youtube channel @Nay Mi Chele Rhengboi! God bless!

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