Accion Solidaria

Another awesome thing that I’m excited about here is my Accion Solidaria (community service). I’m working with a program called Solidarios: Personas Sin Hogar (People without homes). I get to go out every week (Only once so far, because last Thursday it was raining :S) and we offer cookies and juice/hot chocolate to the people, but then we just sit and talk with them. I really like the focus of the program, because there are many organizations that work to provide them their physical needs, so we give them a pamphlet with that information, but the main focus is to just talk with them and treat these individuals with dignity and have a mutual bond. One of the directors was talking about how one of the biggest needs these people have is that of company, because a lot of people ignore them on the street. It’s amazing to talk with them and hear their stories, like this guy who writes poetry, and who lost his sister and mother awhile back, or another who gets up every morning at 6 am. It’s interesting to hear about their lives, their families and just connect with them.  Another thing we discussed in our class was the idea of equality- that we all have some type of poverty. For some it is material or physical, while for others it might be a mental, emotional, or spiritual poverty. Once we realize that we are all poor in some form, it eliminates that barrier or hierarchy that we create in our mind. No one is exempt from the brokenness that the Fall has brought about in our world. We are all broken, and in need of a savior. It’s interesting that in situations like these when you think you will be giving, you actually end up receiving so much more. This program is with the University, so we cannot really evangelize with words, but when we partake in the mission of restoring a part of God’s world, whether it be with God, other relationships, or the environment, we are being Salt and Light. This is basically exactly what Ruben (Silvia’s husband, the guy that talks at Encuentro) has been talking about the past few weeks. We cannot personally save anyone, that is God’s job, but we must be obedient in spreading God’s light, his goodness and his gospel in whatever way He calls us to do that.

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