Kayaking in Seville

Like most Acento students, I lived in the neighborhood of Triana during my semester in Seville.  Every day I walked over the Rio Guadalquivir on my way to school and saw people kayaking and rowing.  I eventually found out that competitive rowers and canoers come from northern Europe during the winter to train and practice on our river.  I wanted to return to the USA with a new hobby, and so I decided to join a “club de piraguismo.”  The club that I joined had a class four times a week for a few hours in the afternoon, and as I had limited experience in a kayak previously, I attended the class.  This was probably one of the best things for my Spanish, as the club was all Spaniards that barely spoke English.  I got to experience Seville in a truly unique way while forming friendships with people that had lived in Seville their whole lives.  A normal class would have anywhere between six and fifteen people along with our instructor, and would last around two hours.  Kayaking on the Rio Guadalquivir as a part of my normal life is something I’ll always treasure about my time in Seville, not to mention the people I met while a member of that club.

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