Visiting your Student

Parents often ask if they may visit their student while they are studying in Seville. The answer is “YES.” We encourage you to do so! Please do remember, though, that students are expected to attend classes even when they have friends or family visiting. Check out our calendars for exact dates of each semester/term, so that you can plan accordingly.

If you plan to visit during Holy Week (Semana Santa) or the April Fair (Feria), we recommend booking your lodging well in advance. Hotels and flats fill up quickly and are also more expensive during these weeks.

You may also want to see all that Sevilla offers as a visitor! The “Visit Sevilla” website has a variety of things to check out while you are in Seville.

Hotel Reservations

Your son or daughter will be able to help you make a reservation at a hotel located near the school and Sevilla’s main attractions. You can also check out Explore Seville or use or  When making your reservations, keep in mind that the date in Spain is written differently: the day comes first, then the month (i.e., September 1st 2021 would read 1/9/21 in Spain).

You will find that 2 or 3 star hotels are just fine. The 4 and 5 star hotels have more amenities and are more expensive. Check ahead of time to make sure the hotel has private bathrooms and other requirements that are important to you.

Our visitors have stayed in the following hotels and found them to be clean and convenient:

  • Hotel Monte Carmelo
  • Hotel Monte Triana
  • Hotel Pasarela
  • Hotel Alcantara
  • Hotel Adriano
  • Hotel Zenit
  • Hotel NH Plaza de Armas 

Renting a Flat

The Arenal flats featured at ( are offered for short term rentals and are located in the city center. They are close to our school and many local attractions. Send your inquires to