It’s important that we know where you can be reached between now and departure.  We’ll mail the SIS Newsletters and other information to your current active address.

We also need to some additional parent contact information (in case of an emergency), and some information about your financial aid and where to send the billing and payment information.

So, please complete the form below.  If you don’t know all the information yet,  just complete as much as you can, and then come back to update it later.



It is necessary for each student to assess their own fitness for studying abroad.  Sometimes even minor concerns become magnified during a semester abroad.  You should know that the resources for mental and physical accommodations in Spain are different from what is available in the US.  An understanding of depression, social problems, and learning disabilities among American college students is not commonplace in Spain.  Students with mobility impairments must be prepared for a greater challenge to maneuver in Seville than they would find back home.  If you have a temporary condition (struggles with anxiety and/or depression, an eating disorder, recovering from injury or illness) you may want to defer your semester abroad until you are better prepared.