Intermediate Level

If you’ve taken the equivalent of one year of college Spanish, you’ll probably find yourself in intermediate-level classes. It’s the perfect place to be if you’re familiar with the language, but not quite confident enough to actually use it in real life.

In the intermediate classes, you will spend the first half of the semester reviewing first-year and learning second-year Spanish (251, 252). By the time the semester is halfway through, you will be prepared to take on two upper-level courses which are part of the intermediate sequence: 301-Advanced Grammar and Conversation and 303-Selected Readings in Spanish Literature.

When you return home, you will have earned credit for Spanish 251, 252, 301, and 303.  You may also sign up for the 307-Modern Spanish Culture course (1 credit), which is available to both Intermediate and Advanced level students.

Our second year Spanish courses, 201 and 202, are also offered during the summer terms. For a listing of summer courses offered – click here.

NEW for 2017! Intermediate and Advanced students who attend the Spring term may stay for an additional 4 weeks to complete an Internship with a Spanish business, educational site, or social services agency. The SIS  internship is also available during Summer Term 2, for Advanced students who complete Summer term 1.

NEW for Summer 2018!  Summer students can choose to add a 2-credit SPANISH FOR HEALTH CARE course to either Term 1 or Term 2.  The course is an intensive study of Spanish terminology commonly used in medical fields such as nursing and health communication, with frequent use of role playing and simulated medical situations.

Brief Course Descriptions

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