Advanced Level

Now that you have already taken two years of Spanish in college, you can take a variety of courses in Spanish language, history, art, and literature as well as advanced vocabulary and grammar in Seville. Instead of studying the Spanish culture in a classroom at your home college, you’ll actually be living it!

You can also choose to take an independent study if you have mastered the basics of Spanish and can write fairly fluently.

Take a look at the Course Overviews to see which of our courses are offered each term.  Some courses are offered every term and some are only offered exclusively in the Spring or Fall.

If you study abroad during the spring semester as an advanced level student, you have the opportunity to experience a 2-credit professional internship during the month of May.

To ensure that you take the appropriate level classes, you will take a WebCAPE placement test before you fill out the Course Request Form. We will use the results to help advise you on course selections. You’ll take an additional placement test—this time with a verbal section—during orientation in Spain before final registration.

Brief Course Descriptions

Academic Handbook & Expanded Course Descriptions