You’re totally stoked about SIS, but before you jump on a plane you need to know the logistics, right? Look no further! You’ve come to the right spot.

1. How do I apply?

Just fill out the application and send it to our U.S. office. You can download a PDF of the application or request a hard copy by clicking on the icons found in the bottom right corner of the page (or really any page—we made it really easy for you). We'll also need the $50 application fee and your OFFICIAL transcripts of all your college course work.  It's Ok to have your school(s) send the transcript separately.

2. How much does it cost?

You’ll find info about the cost of the program, additional expenses, and—perhaps most importantly—financial aid (whoohoo!) below.

3. What semesters or terms are available?

We offer 2 full length semesters every year - Fall and Spring.  We also offer 2 shorter terms every summer.  Students are welcome to join us for one or both terms in the summer. Check out the calendars for each term under "Enrolled Students" to see the exact dates.  Application deadlines are: Summer - March 31; Fall - April 20; Spring - October 10.

4. How much credit will I earn?

You may earn 12 - 19 credit hours each semester (Fall or Spring).  During the summer terms you may earn 4 credits each term.  Students who join us for both summer terms will earn 8 credit hours.

Tuition & Costs

Fall 2015/Spring 2016—$16,395; Summer 2015—$3,350 per term

Fees* include the following:

  • Tuition
  • Room and board with a Spanish host (3 meals per day) Laundry and linens provided 
  • Course materials
  • Group excursions (possibilities: Córdoba, Castilla y La Mancha, Toledo, Ronda, Huelva, Granada)
  • Cell phone (subsidized)
  • Travel Liability Insurance 

Optional fees...

  • Single-room placement: Summer term—$125 per term, Spring or Fall term—$500
  • Special diet: vegetarian, gluten free, and other options: $$250 - $400
  • Private tutoring: 125 Euros 
  • Independent Study: $500 

Additional expenses:

  • Roundtrip group flight between Chicago and Seville: $950 - $1200
  • Transportation in Seville: city bus, subway, bike rental and taxis: $100 per semester
  • Personal expenses: $1,500 - $2,500 per semester
*Prices are subject to change based on the value of the U.S. dollar and Euro exchange rates. Students who audit the courses will pay the same fees as those who take the courses for credit.

  1. Application fee and Tuition Deposit are non-refundable.
  2. If enrollment is postponed, the tuition deposit will be applicable to a different term up to one calendar year after the initial deposit payment is made.
  3. During the final 30 days prior to departure from the US, all payments made beyond the tuition deposit will be subject to a cancellation charge equal to 25% of the room and board fees.
  4. Refunds on transportation costs will be subject to carrier regulations.
  5. There is no refund for any portion of the fees once the students arrive in Seville. In the case of a family emergency which requires a student's presence at home or the student's own illness that requires them to return to the US, the unused tuition portion will be credited toward the fees of another semester in the following year. In addition, up to 50% of the unused portion of the room and board fees will be refunded. No refunds are given to students who are dismissed from the program.

Financial Aid

You may be eligible for financial aid through Trinity Christian College. Eligibility is based on the information we receive after you have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Be sure to include Trinity Christian College as one of the schools on your FAFSA.

The following are the types of aid that can be processed by Trinity Christian College:

  • Pell Grant
  • Stafford Loan (subsidized and un-subsidized)
  • PLUS Loan (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students)
  • Illinois State-MAP Grant (for Illinois residents only)

Your financial aid arrangements must be completed by July 1st for the fall semester and by December 1st for the spring semester. Financial aid is not available for the summer terms.

You must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours to receive financial aid, and if you decide to audit or withdraw from too many courses, you may forfeit your financial aid.




After Admission

When you’ve been accepted into SIS, you’ll need to make a non-refundable $100 deposit to hold your place in the program. This deposit is due a month after you’ve been accepted, and it will be deducted from your total balance due.

Check out the schedule below to see when your final payment is due:

  • Fall Semester – mid-July
  • Spring Semester – mid-December
  • Summer Term 1 OR Summer Term 1 & 2 – mid-April
  • Summer Term 2 only – mid-May

Payment is really easy. You can pay online or send a check made payable to SEMESTER IN SPAIN to the U.S. office. We’ll send you a statement to confirm your balance three weeks before your final payment is due. If you choose to pay online, you’ll need your student ID number. Call or email our U.S. office for that information.

Are you eligible for financial aid? Financial aid from Trinity Christian College will be deducted from your balance when you’ve completed and returned all the required forms.

If you’ll be attending SIS under a consortium, or cooperative agreement, with your home school and Trinity Christian College, we’ll bill your school for your attendance. Please talk with your home school about details for this type of arrangement.

Payment for the round-trip group flight from Chicago O'Hare to Seville, Spain will be made directly to the travel agency – Witte Travel. Domestic connections and special arrangements are also available through Witte Travel. The fee for the group flight is payable by check only, but payments for any domestic connections may be made with a credit card. Note that group flights are not arranged for the summer terms.

Dates and Deadlines

2015 - 2016 program dates
  • Fall 2015: August 31 - December 17
  • Spring 2016: January 11 - May 5
  • Summer 2016: May 16 - June 11 and/or  June13 - July 9 (tentative)
Application deadlines:
  • Fall semester - April 30
  • Spring Semester - October 10
  • Summer terms - March 30

 You'll find a calendar for each term under ENROLLED STUDENTS - TERM CALENDARS.  Click on the term you're interested in to see more details.

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